Our vision is to host a Leadership Course that encapsulates a core curriculum to develop Tomorrow’s Leaders. Through TEAM (Together Educating Athletes through Mentorship), we are offering middle school and high school student-athletes a chance to learn life-skills applicable to the ever-changing atmosphere we live in today. In essence, we want to help kids understand the positive affects of empathy, compassion, and relate-ability and couple those with leadership and empowerment exercises. The curriculum will allow student-athletes to call upon their past experiences to share instances where positive choices could have been made, and in turn give them the knowledge bank to pull from in the future where they may find themselves in a tough situation. Each meeting focuses on a specific topic, while the year-long course offers a theme of community participation. 


In the upcoming months, our Leadership Initiative is geared towards selected student-athletes who not only want to enhance their skills as a leader, but share and connect with community leaders and events. Each monthly session will have a theme surrounding specific activities that can be exercised in your school and community. We invite you to take part of this amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals to be the best community leader you can be! These sessions will take place on the third Thursday of every month, from 6:30-8pm. Depending on our sponsorships, we may meet at different locations, so stay tuned! We are only accepting 20 student-athletes, so please let us know of your interest ASAP. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.